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The research process of the talents
for the 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 started


The research process of the talents for the 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 started. Smrikva Bowl - one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World will take place from 24th - 28th june 2009 in Pula / Croatia

Dear Smrikva Bowl Friends!

Before I present you and invite you to visit the 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 pdf file presentation I would like to forward you a warmest hello to each of you from me and from the Smrikva Bowl Staff.

The 14th annual Smrikva Bowl 2009 will be held next year in Pula, Croatia from 24th of June till 28th of June 2009. The tournament, which boasts the top 10 and under players World wide.

On 28th of June the Smrikve Tennis Club will also host the 8th annual “Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl. This event combines the top players in this younger group from the United States and the Smrikva Bowl finalist playing against each other. “Little Mo” is the most important under 10 tennis tournament in the USA played by over 1700 kids and in 1992 the famous tennis player Andy Roddick won “Little Mo” when he was 10 years old.

There is a detailed presentation about 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 with the application form on our internet site I also invite you to see on our internet site the video about 13th Smrikva Bowl 2008. In video and in the photo gallery you will see the best players of this year edition: Luka Panic from Switzerland, Mihnea Turcu from Romania, Katarina Jokic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Maya Lumsden from Scotland.

Please remember the names of some Smrikva Bowl players because some of them might became good players very soon. In the Smrikva Bowl News section you can follow the progress of many of them. I would like to say thanks to all the former players and parents that keep me informed about their progresses because this way I can post the news about them and keep the community updated so all the people that are Smrikva Bowl friends can cheer your successes.

13th Smrikva Bowl 2008 gathered top players from 24 countries and 5 continents and for the first time we had players from Australia. Sydney is located more than 16.000 kilometres far away from Pula. In all these years top players from 34 countries have played Smrikva Bowl.
I am very glad that we had also this year several new Smrikva Bowl friends that added to the list of our historical friends. Patrick Mouratoglou offered to the winners one week training in his prestigious Academy and Wilson decided to offer to the winners the sponsorship contract.

If you know a good tennis players born in 1999 that deserve to play Smrikva Bowl please let me know and I will be pleased to invite them to play this year edition. If you would like to become the Sponsor of the tournament you are also welcome. You are also invited to come as visitor for the tournament. Thank you in advance for spreading the word about Smrikva Bowl in your community.

Smrikva Bowl mission is to develop and spread Cosmopolitan values. Children, sport, culture and music are already part of the Cosmopolitan World.

In end a special thanks is due to the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors, to the Golden Smrikva Bowl Members and to the Honorary Smrikva Bowl Members that make Smrikva Bowl possible.

Warmest regards,
Miodrag Bozovic

14th SMRIKVA BOWL 2009.pdf



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