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Vlado Franjevic was born 1963 in Village Martinac near Cazma where he grew up with his grand parents Terezija and Pavao Ban and finished four classes of the primary school. After the finishing of the rest of the primary and secondary school in Cazma, 1985 he finished the school for applied art, in the section for painting, in Zagreb.
1989/90 he moved to St. Gallen in Switzerland where his mother worked for 20 years long. Since 1993 he lives and operates in and from the Principality of Liechtenstein from where his partitipations on different international solo or group exhibitions or summer academies and art colonies lead him �to different Europaen countries. After Croatia and Liechtenstein he worked and exhibit untill now also in Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, French, Principality of Monako, Germany, Serbia and Switzerland. 2002 and 2003 Vlado was one of the Liechtensteins representant in the culture exchange Liechtenstein - Yogyakarta (Indonesia). 2006 he was a referent, leader of an art workshop and an exhibitor on the 1st International Symposiodesign in Amman, Jordan and in the same year he partitipated as one of just three Europaen artists/designers on the exhibition Colourful Daegu in Soth Korea and on the beginning of 2007 he exhibited on the international exhibition South Pole in Bishkek, capitol of Kirgyzstan. After a long time he exhibited in the summer of 2007 again in Croatia. That was in the gallery Matesin, in Bojana near Cazma.
Vlado Franjevic won an argument also as an art and culture mediator: he used one's influence for the exhibitions of his Croatian and German fine artist colleagues in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Liechtensteinian and German in Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland and Jordan. After that he mediated for a partitipation of a Liechtensteinian choir by the concert of friends of Chorus Croaticus in Berne. He made interviews with famous Liechtensteinians from politic and culture which were published in Croatian magazines. Vlado led one physical and one online art gallery and exhibited there international contemporary art.
2003 was this engaged artistic, literature and culture skilled worker a winner of a yearly sholarship of Culture advisor of the Parlament of the Principality of Liechtenstein and 2000 a prizewinner as a young author of the Society of German authors (IGdA e.V.) in Germany.
Informations of his fine art was documented in different catalogues in different countries where he exhibited or was otherwise active. His artworks were bought and are collected from privat persons and liechtensteinian fondations, banks and municipalities.
His literature, before all - the poetry - was published in the text-magazines, anthologies and online magazines in Croatian, German and English. He published a simply poetry book in German called URAUFF�HRUNG (Preview).
(November, 2007)

So told some respected people about Vlado:
Vlado Franjevic is a remarkable artist personality who had not only a large artistic potenzial, separate he is also particularly suitable as a cultural mediator. Al' Leu, sculptor and publisher, Switzerland
 Vlado Franjevic born 1963 in Martinac, Croatia, since 1993 working in Liechten-stein ranks among the most salient of the art-creative of the country. Dr. Thomas E. Wanger, art historian, Liechtenstein/Austria
Vlado is an outstanding artist and painter and he also has this Croatian creativity that contributed Nikola Tesla to the world! Vlado also is a friend who lives, works and paints in one of the smallest countries, the Principality of Liechtenstein. I can recommend Vlado as an extraordinary artist who has a great potential that he may develop during his career! Vlado is also a friend of mine who still needs some strong supporters who help him organize exhibitions and help him develop his incredible flow! And last but not least, he is a cultural ambassador to the Principality of Liechtenstein! Lukas Wyrsch, businessman, Switzerland
Art is all around us, Nature is pure art, but it needs a childs eye to enjoy it and purest of hearts to show it to others, I find a Childlike delight in Vlado Franjevic eyes which is very infectious, I wish all of us human beings grew like Vlado to see delight in life around us and spread it to those around you. Sudhir Sharma, graphic designer, India
He's not great, he is wonderful, strong and positive!! He can keep you smiling all day long and he can make you see how beautiful is a cloudy day.....He's a real artist! Andrea Varga, student, Romania/Monaco
Your words and paintings are so warm that I love to look at them every day! Even over the internet wings they fly as hot as a summer wind! You have friends here in Romania, our ideas will bring you here to share your wonderfull glimpses of the World! Vladimir Gutenmaher, bussinessman, Romania
Vlado's art is therapeutic and healing - it promotes peace. The form, harmony of colours and the sense of movement in his art touches the soul deeply. Like Beethoven's music. Cristina Andersson,sopran singer, Finland.






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