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Kako je poznata kanadska blogerica La Carmina
svijetu predstavila Zagreb

Kako je poznata kanadska blogerica svijetu predstavila Zagreb

Poznata kanadska blogerica La Carmina, koja se na svojoj stranici hvali da su njezini tekstovi objavljivani na Huffington Postu, CNN-u i Business Insideru, nedavno je posjetila Zagreb.

Ova djevojka, koja je gostovala i u brojnim ameri�kim showovima te je i sama povremeno voditeljica, o svojim putovanjima piše na spomenutim portalima, a specijalizirala se za goti�arsku i japansku pop kulturu. Ipak, put ju je ovog ljeta odveo u Zagreb, o kojem je nedavno objavila tekst nazvan "Heartbreak in Zagreb", u kojem je hrvatsku metropolu predstavila svojim brojnim �itateljima.

I to ve�inom u superlativima, budu�i da ju je u Zagrebu oduševilo puno toga. Pisala je tako o Muzeju prekinutih veza, vješticama, "brojnim slatkim buticima u centru", kravati, kinu Europa, profesoru Baltazaru, hrani i uli�noj umjetnosti te sve popratila fotografijama. Kako Zagreb izgleda iz njezine perspektive, provjerite ovdje, a najavila je da uskoro sti�e još izvještaja iz našeg glavnog grada.

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Prenosimo originalni tekst s bloga LA CARMINA:

Heartbreak in Zagreb!
Museum of Broken Relationships,
indie cinema, rickshaw restaurant & witches.

black white striped shirt, sun hat

Why am I dressed like a retro film star? Because I had a dramatic day in Zagreb, Croatia with my travel film team — involving broken hearts and a Mask of Shame.

black white large brim hat, striped top

We were lucky to have Andrea as our local guide – she graciously hosted us in her cute Zagreb flat (available via AirBNB). She knows the city by heart, and has connections to the coolest people and places in town.

Sadly, we didn’t have time to go to Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast, as it’s quite a few hours away from the railway line. But we’re eager to come back and stay in Andrea’s gorgeous beach-side apartment, which you can rent from her via Airbnb (tell her we sent you!)

Outfit details: I’m wearing striped top sent by Sourpuss Clothing, similar to this shirt with stripes. My black and white hat is almost exactly like this one sold online. The scallop shorts are KiLaRa Hello Kitty, from Hong Kong.

Illamasqua store, makeup shop zagreb

The city center had so many cute boutiques, including this Illamasqua makeup shop, one of the only stand-alone Illamasquas in the world.

sailor twee paintings, art

We also enjoyed this twee basement, filled with sailor paintings and clothes. Next door was a necktie shop because… the tie is a Croatian invention.

boudoir corsets, zagreb fashion

We passed by few alternative fashion boutiques like Boudoir. They sell antique-inspired meets avant garde corsets and bustiers, which I could see on Lady Gaga.

kino europa, zagreb croatia movie theater

I told Andrea that we wanted to see what was cool and upcoming in Zagreb. She took us to Kino Europa (Varšavska ulica 3), a 1920s cinema that endures as a home for indie films.

divine pink flamingos makeup, john waters painting

Kino Europa has an outdoor cafe and gift shop, with goodies like this Pink Flamingos artwork of Divine.

Professor Balthazar, croatian cartoon character

Here, I met Professor Balthazar! This bespectacled character is from a popular Croatian / Yugoslavian cartoon that ran in the 1960s and 70s.

charlie chaplin pose, feet, funny face

This store is a movie-lover’s dream. I did my best impression of Charlie Chaplin.

zagreb cinema, film screenings

I was tempted to get this sushi-cat game.

hipster camera, hipster girl hat

And one of these Diana cameras. (Have you played around with vintage or toy cameras?)

colorful chairs, film screening room

I’ve never seen a small screening room as well-decorated as this one. Each of these chairs was rescued and reupholstered in rainbow colors.

purple hair pigtails, colorful sofas

Locals meet here to watch films that aren’t shown in mainstream theaters. This is also home to festivals and special events.

old eastern european movie theater

The main room is an ornate 1920s marvel, with a red carpet entrance flanked by these white statues. Kino Europa is looked after by a gentleman who has been here since the beginning. Once you get him started on his favorite films and meeting old-time stars, he can reminiscence for hours!

mermaid graffiti art, zagreb kino theatre

Like many of the cities we visited on our Eurail-Vision journey, Zagreb is filled with young, poppy street art. This mermaid holding a cat-balloon was one of my favorites.

wok by matija, zagreb croatia

Time for lunch. We got a lift from Matija Nikoli�, a winner of TV’s Masterchef.

rickshaw restaurant, asian fusion zagreb

He offers free cycle-rickshaw rides from the city center to his young restaurant, Wok by Matija. (Varšavska 16) The concept is Asian street food fusion, with mostly organic ingredients from his family’s farm.

wok by matija, masterchef Matija Nikoli�

The place has a charming pop-up feel, as if he invited his friends for an impromptu outdoor meal. Matija chatted with us while cooking, and customized the Thai noodles for those of us with peanut allergies. (Remember the no-nuts travel sign from the Budapest food post?)

zagreb graffiti, streets, cycle rickshaw bicycle

The fresh, sustainable ingredients and relaxing atmosphere were pure win. Thank you, Matija and friends, for this perfect lunch; Wok is a restaurant to look out for.

museum of broken relationships sign

Now, for some tears… at the Museum of Broken Relationships (�irilometodska ulica 2).
This is one of the quirkiest and most fascinating exhibits I’ve ever visited. There’s a permanent museum in Zagreb, but the displays rotate and go on tour overseas.

broken relationships display, zagreb weird museum

In a nutshell, people from around the world send mementos of personal heart-break, and the most compelling ones go on display. Every object comes with a story, such as a first encounter gone wrong or a tragedy that pulled the couple apart. Above is one of the more disturbing entries: a woman was forced to wear these “jugs” to please her partner.

weirdest museums, world's most bizarre museum

There had to be something here that struck a note with your own experiences, from handcuffs to boots left behind. But the Museum of Broken Relationships isn’t all about pain…

broken relationships exes

… there was also plenty of humor in the tales, and the gift store had lighthearted mementos (like a zippered “love pillow”).

zagreb tram, funicular, city rooftops

The day wasn’t over yet. We rode the Zagreb Funicular (or inclined tram) to the top of the hill. This is one of the shortest and steepest funiculars in the world. And no, I didn’t know what a “funicular” was until I rode it.

The trip was fun (ha ha) and gave a terrific view of the red rooftops.

St. Mark's Church, colorful tile roofs zagreb

Andrea knows I have a spooky side, so she arranged for us to go on a Upper Town Witches Tour. We began in front of the Gothic St. Mark’s Church, famous for its colorful tiled roof. This is where 14-16th century women, accused of being witches, had to publicly march…

witch hunt tour, mask of shame

… while wearing this iron Mask of Shame! It’s on display at the Zagreb City Museum, along with other torture devices.

As part of the tour, we got to make a mask like this one, out of black construction paper.

croatia witches prison, jail

Our guide also took us to the building where witches were unjustly put on trial, and locked away in a tall tower. Every place as a dark side…

zagreb cathedral, croatian church

We walked past historic sites where witches were killed, and ended up at Zagreb Cathedral, another striking example of Gothic architecture. (Travel photography by Melissa Rundle.)

gold angel statue europe

Wow, that’s a lot in one post — and I still have more stories from Zagreb. Thanks to Andrea and everyone who took care of us, including our friends at If you come to Zagreb, you can get the same royal treatment by booking Andrea’s rental apartment.

Do you like my black and white stripey coordinate? If you could add an item to the Broken Relationships museum, what would it be?

PS: Thanks to Riss of Fashion Vandals for interviewing me on “life lessons, staying true to yourself, and where you can find the hottest goth party in Japan.”

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