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Zagreb�s pandas go to Zurich

Dovi�enja, beba Shang

Zagreb zoo director Davorka Maljkovic has come under fire for her decision to move red panda cubs to Zurich.

Maljkovic has been inundated by phone calls from journalists, government ministries and the public demanding the pandas stay in Zagreb.

A Facebook group called "Hands off our Pandas" has even started up attracting hundreds of supporters.

But Maljkovic has insisted the move is necessary.

"The panda’s are not going to Zurich because of unacceptable conditions in Zagreb zoo - we have one of the best living quarters for them in Europe. But within the cooperation with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), we must send the pandas to the institutions that await them. That is how we received panda Thory from France two years ago, and now its offspring is going to Switzerland," the director said.

She added that according to EAZA, the Swiss panda is the best partner for the Zagreb pandas. In answer to criticism that the Zurich panda could come to Zagreb, Maljkovic explained there are currently 20 zoos on the panda waiting list.

"That way we would have their panda, and they would be left without any. That is not fair and is not in accordance with EAZA."

But Maljkovic revealed it was possible that Thory would have another baby in July, the Croatian daily Jutarnji List reports.

Text from: Croatian Times



Video in German language:

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