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Izumi Yamaguchi, Japanese singer,
sings Four Seasons in Croatian language

Izumi Yamaguchi, Japanese pop and jazz singer, surprized us all with her beautiful interpretation of a popular Croatian song �etiri sta�una (Four Seasons), which she sings in Croatian language. The song is orginally performed by Meri Cetini�, composed by Zdenko Runji�, and the lyrics written by Tomislav Zuppa.


Cetiri staduna by IZUMI YAMAGUCHI

 Four Seasons

Hand by hand four seasons go
my days through the time crawl
with warm and cold the life mingles
the sun burns me, and the rain washes me.

Hand by hand four seasons go
the more I walk, the more the time escapes
my seasons, from the beginning
step by step, are closer to the end.

Seasons, my seasons
where is now that flowery spring?
Seasons, my seasons,
where is the beautiful summer, clear and happy?
When the automn leaves on the trail fall
my hands are bitten by the winter frost.
Seasons, my seasons,

Hand by hand four seasons go
who will endure, and tread to the end?
Some will disappear, as if they were not here
and only the winter will take care about me.


Meri Cetini� - �et'ri sta�una
�etiri sta�una sung by Meri Cetini�, Croatia.
Composed by Zdenko Runji�, and the lyrics written by Tomislav Zuppa.


Formated for CROWN by prof.dr. Darko �ubrini�

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