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The International Trust for Croatian Monuments
Croatia - Aspects of Art, Architecture and Cultural Heritage

Contributions by Stjepan Cosic and Branko Kirigin and John Wilkes and Sheila McNally and Christopher de Hamel and Donal Cooper and David Ekserdjian and Timothy Clifford and Marcus Binney and Brian Sewell and Joško Belamari� Introduction by John Julius Norwich

This volume is the first scholarly study in the English language of Croatia's extraordinary artistic heritage. Leading specialists analyse the key cultural developments in this small country's history, from the extensive Roman remains on the Adriatic coast, through the gothic splendour of the Dalmatian cities in the Middle Ages and intensive artistic exchange with Italy during the Renaissance, to the grand houses and art collections of continental Croatia. The essays address iconic monuments like Diocletian's palace at Split and the walled city of Dubrovnik alongside more unfamiliar treasures, some never published before. This books sets Croatia's cultural past in context, reflecting the country's unique history at the crossroads between Italy, Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

With contributions by leading British, American and Croatian writers and scholars, including John Julius Norwich, Timothy Clifford, Marcus Binney, Brian Sewell and Sheila McNally this book presents for the first time a portrait of the culture of this captivating and too little known country.

Marcus Binney's tour around old castles is quirky but rewarding while Brian Sewell demolishes the artistic credibility of the founder of Zagreb's newest museum with characteristic aplomb. From paintings to architecture, Croatia's well-illustrated riches in opinionated English. - Sunday Telegraph

As a general introduction, 'Croatia' could not be bettered. - Historic Garden Review


The unsung glories of Croatian art and culture

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